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Frequently Asked Questions

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When sellers are faced with an empty home at the time of sale, Vacant Staging is a service that will provide the home with the main focused areas furnished and decorated to achieve the best buyer experience.  We will provide a furniture and accessory rental for the home to use to temporarily showcase the home for photos and showings for a period of time.

Sellers and/or their home contents may still be in the home for the duration of the sale and if so, a staging consultation with our professional team (prior to listing) can help you to know how to effectively prepare and showcase your home for sale.  We will discuss using as much of your own furniture as possible, however may suggest bringing in some additional pieces to pull everything together.

You 100% should stage prior to putting your home on the market.  You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

Home Staging helps to highlight the main areas of your home, giving buyer’s an amazing first impression.  We use accessories and furniture placement to create warm inviting spaces that appeal to the masses.  This helps bring in more viewers as your listing shines online where buyers are viewing your home before seeing it in person.

Home staging is performed to entice in home showings for a general audience.  When we are staging we are appealing to the buyer.  Decorating is something that helps home owners’ to enjoy their space in their own unique way.

Prices range as each home requires a different approach to get the job done.  For occupied staging, we can provide pricing for staging at the consultation.  If the home will be vacant upon staging, give us a call or click contact us and we can get a little more information from you and provide you with a price.

A consult can help in many ways.  If you plan to prepare your home to sell on your own, a consult can provide you with on the spot advice and tips for the best way to showcase your home on the market with your existing furniture, etc.  If you would like professional help to prepare your home, our consultation can help our Stagers get a better sense of what we will need to provide to the home to make it shine in photos and have buyers excited to see it in person.

Decluttering is always an important part of preparing the home for staging and for sale. are moving, so don’t hesitate to get started packing up anything that you don’t use frequently.

Staging of the whole home is rarely needed, however in some cases if the home is occupied while selling we will spruce up each room as needed.  For homes that are vacant requiring furniture to be brought in we generally focus on; entryway, living room, dining area, kitchen, master bedroom and bathrooms, occasionally adding a kids room or an office as needed.

Items used for staging are rented initially for a one month period (however can be removed as soon as needed).  If the home has not sold in the first month, rental fees can be charged weekly/bi-weekly/monthly from this point, whatever is needed.  The consultation can help to determine what is needed to be rented.  Purchasing staging items is not required.

We serve Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas generally within an hours drive of Chatham-kent.  Such as Windsor, Sarnia, Essex, Leamington, etc.

This will depend on the work that is required to be done in the home.  Generally not more than a few hours.  Most of our work is done in the planning and packing off site, so our time spent in the home is quick and well thought out.

We have many clients that live in their homes while they have been staged for sale and we provide directions on how to care for it.  This is called Occupied Staging and we take into consideration that you are living in it when choosing items to be brought in.

At this time we do not offer any other services than Home Staging.